My Invisible Truth

Believing in someone greater than oneself shifts the perspective from me, myself and I to the substantial and omnipotent.
The letting go of oneself as the most important being, stands however in strong contrast to the society we live in today, promoting gadgets and lifestyles which are solely focused on the reflection of ego, personal striving and benefit.

The older I got the more I realized that much of what influences us is invisible and this became the leading question in my work: In a world where we put so much importance on the visual aspect of our existence, what is our relationship with the invisible one? How does it affect us and how do we affect it?

‘My Invisible Truth’ is a project reflecting the identity of humanity through its faith and trust in the unseen spiritual world. It displays the encounter of culture, community and the intimacy of an individual faith. Through this work I want to explore the impact faith has today on the lives of individuals, as well as on entire communities around the world. This project aims to shine a different light on a world we cannot see, holding great potential to connect humanity on a larger scale by providing hope and unity. 

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